How to Work Remotely and Be Productive?

“Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents.” — Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell

Working remotely is a flexible working model. There are less supervision and more freedom for you to adjust your working rhythm. It happens usually in the field of freelancers, designers, or programmers. However, it’s not limited to these types of jobs, especially during this difficult time, it is applied widely in the field of education, tourism, advertisement, or even medical and so on.
Working remotely or from home is most of the people’s dream working model but in fact, it sounds wonderful but when it’s related to productivity and efficiency, working remotely will also become a challenge. The followings are 3 methods to help you have an efficient mode to work remotely without supervision.

The setting up of “home office.” Even though you work from home, it is vital to divide a corner or space for you to work. The environment can help you to concentrate. Choose a corner with the proper light coming in, as it will provide you a proper atmosphere to act proactively. Moreover, you may also consider picking up the best desktop so that you have eager to work with it. Don’t underestimate it since when you feel comfortable at home, you will try to find other ways to distract yourself from work. (How to design a home office).

Movement meditation to start a day. It is said that the power of meditation assists you to focus and possess a clear mind. Exercising can energize your body and help your brain to fulfill of oxygen. “Movement meditation” enables you to generate both effects at the same time. When you go jogging or do yoga, you can try to use the breath to guide the movement and use the movement to bring your mind into the present. Your thoughts will follow your movement and it is like you will see how exactly they are. I have tried once when I go running, it not only helps me to clear my thoughts but gives me enough energy for the whole day long. (How to do movement mediation)

Stay focus with a cup of coffee. I am a coffee lover. When the time of working at home, I always prepare a cup of black coffee beside me, not just because of its effect of refreshing but also its flavor, it helps me to focus and have a refresher day. Of course, if you don’t like coffee, you may try to have a cup of tea or some drinks you like to play this essential role, as long as it can really help to stay focus and concentrate during work.

From my opinions, working remotely benefits employees a lot. It helps them to have a flexible schedule, healthy mental, and renewed passion for the job. People tend to have a balance of work and life, working remotely helps employees to achieve this type of life. When there’s any urgency at home, they are able to deal with it easily, as if there’s an imbalance between both sides, it impacts employee’s performance on work. Besides, it was found in a report published by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK, the remote employees are less stressed than in-office employees. Also, it is said that the employees who work in a comfortable environment have higher morale than those who work in the office. Because they feel engaged and focus on their role instead of pressure. Last but not least, with some time of working remotely, it inspires the employees to think over their jobs and create new perspectives.

While working from home becomes common, some misconceptions still exist to obstacle some employers to apply. Some employers may think their employees don’t actually work at all, have trouble with communication, or even should always “on-line.” It is reasonable the employers have doubts about employees’ discipline, but if there isn’t trust between employers and employees, it is hard for a company to run a business in the long term. What’s worse, the loyalty from the employees is weak too. Fortunately, as the progress of technology, we have many different types of apps for the conference call, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business and GoToMeeting, etc. to utilize and minimize the trouble of miscommunication. The concept of “always online” for the employees not only happens during work remotely, but it also occurs even when the employees work in the office. This circumstance is always a lesson for employers and employees.

Working remotely is always a good topic to discuss, for some companies or people, they are able to adapt to it easily, people trust and collaborate with each other, the efficiency never reduces. However, for other companies or people, it is a big challenge for them to run and manage the business. The most important of all, we should find our own suitable working style.

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