This is How to Cope with Negative Energy in the Workplace

Have you ever experienced negative people in the office? Would you immerse yourself in the bad energy as well or cope with it wisely?

Working takes over almost half the time of a day; some people will see their job as their whole life, while others will consider it as a tool for surviving. No matter what circumstance you are in now, what you can’t avoid is you would always encounter some colleagues who prefer complaining or winning all the time. I won’t deny that sometimes letting off the steam together, especially when the topic is about company or bosses etc. is awesome. However, when this situation becomes normal, the negative emotion will easily consume you, what’s worse, it might impact your life.

You couldn’t choose the colleagues, sometimes you even have to engage with them to finish the project. I have few experiences before, one is a foreign colleague and another is a local colleague. I would say that the first experience might be related to a different culture. Because I finally understand from this case that the westerners are courageous enough to speak their ideas. The second experience would be a classic negative colleague, who likes to complain and compare. However, both experiences, at last, turned out to be a negative circle. It was quite hard to discuss anything positively with them, what’s worse sometimes I felt guilty if I didn’t agree with their thoughts.

In order to have a better working quality in the office, a few months ago, I decided to make some change to deal with the negative energy. Since you couldn’t say goodbye to them, you could only change your mindset.

Interact with negativity with “humor.”
It’s said that humor could cure any awkward situation. However, what if you are a person who possesses only a little bit of sense of humor? Don’t worry, practice makes everything perfect. When my negative colleague starts winning, I try to respond to her friendly and nice with my smile and take it as a joke.

Being gratitude.
During this pandemic, it’s already lucky for us to have a stable job, instead of complaining about the company, but I try to be thankful for all the people I met before and now. When negativity approaches, I try to share the experience or people that I’m thankful for. Since every time when you do that, you will be happy and others can also experience happiness too.

Consider the negativity as a self-growth challenge.
A path full of the obstacle shall be a way to the success. The negativity could impact your decision on the career. I had immersed myself in the bad energy and it influenced my performance and the relationship in the workplace. I didn’t notice how awful it was only when I decided to leave the company. However, regardless of different working environments, I start to put myself into negative colleagues’ shoes and try to alter my perspective, so I will have a chance to avoid myself behaving like them at last.

Staying with a negative colleague is always hardcore when you’re already stressed. If the above methods are still difficult for you, there’s also one ultimate way, stepping aside from the negative people. Since you don’t have to force yourself to soak into the worse emotion. We’ll need to learn how to deal with them and conquer this challenge, so we could grow as a specific individual at last.

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